What kind of surveys will I be asked to participate in?

As a panel member you will be invited to surveys which cover a wide range of topics, length and engagement.
Surveys are automatically sent or displayed in OpinionAPP when your profile matches the requirements of the survey.

How often will I be invited to take part in surveys?

You can decide how often you’d like to be invited to surveys by updating the survey frequency section of your profile.

How long do I have to complete the survey?

That varies from survey to survey, but the fieldwork period is typically 3 to 10 days.

How long do the online surveys take, on average?

That also varies from survey to survey, but is usually between 5 and 30 minutes (and often closer to the shorter end of that range).

Do you share my information with anyone else?

We do not give, sell, or otherwise transfer your personal information to third parties without your prior consent. Only aggregated or pseudonymised information will be shared and any answers you provide to survey questions that we collect will remain entirely confidential.

Will Xurveys try to sell me something?

No. The information we collect is strictly for research purposes only — it will never be used for sales or marketing. And we only work with partners that share this commitment.

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